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The vodou cult

Divinities, rituals, objects, temples, history, internal structure, initiation. Interview with a cult leader.

Locations: Temple of python, sacred forest, Daagbo Hounon convent,  Lissa convent, Baba Adandokpodji,  Hebiosso convent, Zomadonou, Kpassénon, Agadja Legba, Legba Guezo temples of Mami Wata,

Depending on the season: Assisting dances or religious ceremonies performance: Egun, Sakpata, Zangbeto, Hebiosso, Zomadonou.

Savi, the lost kingdom

The white men arrival on the sea side, Savi's role in the slave trade and the conquest by danxomeans.

Walking at Savi: customs, place of palaces and first forts, the sacred forest, the canon of King Houffon, Fon housing systems.

Architectures and the growth of the city :

- The white men forts
- Fon and Yoruba houses
- Vudou worship temples and convents, Muslim mosques and Christian churches
- The Afro-Brazilian style
- Colonial style : administrative and commercial buldings
- The lakeside villages

The slave route between Savi and the Sea

The slave trade under the kings (of Savi and Danxome), its organization, the winners and the victims, its places memories.

Sites: Savi: entrance of the the slaves at the customs; King Agadja’s tree, fon houses, King Houffon’s canon (Possibily the place of the palace)
Ouidah: Slave entry at Kpasse Market; Fonsramé area and the Aizan market; The house of a Yovogan (Dagba, Tchiakpe or Dossou Yovo). The forts with their slave courts: Portuguese, French, English, Cha-Cha Place, the role of De Souza, Assumption House, the forgetfulness tree; the village of Zungbodji and its functions (The box zomaï, the ditch, and the tree of return); Djegbadji: fisher and boats men.


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